Adrenal Fatigue Doctors: Naturopathic Doctors, Adrenal Fatigue & Mold

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Fortunately there are such a thing as Adrenal Fatigue Doctors. Naturopathic doctors are the best to see for both adrenal fatigue and mold as they tend to understand it more than traditional western doctors from what it seems. These types of doctors can also help with anxiety issues as there could be physical reasons for your anxiety. Some western doctors believe in trying natural first but the norm is the prescription pill route for just about anything these days. So I’d highly recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor first to see if the issue can be resolved. Basically a naturopathic doctor is a doctor that believes in taking natural treatments and merging with modern medicine and by doing so reduces the risk of danger in their treatments. They can help you with many common conditions and illnesses including hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, diabetes, pain, allergies, menopause, fertility issues, and much more. While do not do any major surgeries, they do take minor surgical procedures. You can’t assume all naturopathic doctors are the same. There are actually three types of naturopathic doctors and these include actual naturopathic physicians, the traditional naturopaths and the ones who offer the services. Below are some useful links and more info on naturopathic doctors, adrenal fatigue and black mold:

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