Prescription Medication Dangers: Ativan Amnesia & Blackouts Dangers

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Prescription Medication Dangers: Ativan Amnesia and Blackouts and Other Prescription Drug Amnesia and DUI

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These days physicians hand out prescription medications like candy. Many of us believe in our doctors but these medications can be very dangerous due to the long list of side effects one can experience and some side effects are dangerous like sleep driving and even driving under the influence (DUIs) due to Ativan Blackouts and Other Prescription Drug Amnesia. And don’t think because you only took a prescription medication like Ambien or Ativan you can’t get one…Prescription drugs and Medical marijuana use is not a good defense for DUI. Here’s a few links to show what can happen:

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  8. Sleep Driving DUISleep Medications Involved in an Increasing Number of DUI-DWI Cases Annually

Perhaps the scariest side effects of Ativan (and prescription medications like it) is how it relates to alcohol abuse, impaired driving, accidents, DUIs, and blackouts. A roommate and friend of mine in 2009 was the most kindest, sweetest, honest person you could imagine and that all changed one day when he started to take a prescription medication to get to sleep at night. When he took Ambien his personality changed. He would sleep walk and became both verbally and physically abusive in his sleep. He worked 3rd shift sometimes and one morning I woke up just after he went to bed after taking his Ambien. I walked into the living room and he was watching TV, eating a huge jar of pickles and started throwing them around the room and laughing hysterically. I finally was able to walk him back to his bed and he went to sleep. I cleaned up the mess. When I confronted him about that behavior and the rest of the bizarre stuff he was doing including trying to go for a drive, he just didn’t believe me because he couldn’t remember the events. There was one day he managed to go out for drive after taking Ambien when I was not around to stop him. He caused a 6-car crash! And he still took the Ambien and refused to give it up. He was addicted to it. He later moved out and I never saw him again which saddened me. Time passed and I was going through a stressful time in my life with massive house renovations and a nasty neighbor with a vicious attacking dog to deal with and was prescribed Ativan. I took it cautiously after what happened with my roommate with Ambien but initially all it did was make me feel groggy and after feeling so much stress I welcomed that. I felt comfortable taking it as I didn’t seem to have the side effects…at least at first. However, soon it seem to do the opposite and I felt more anxiety from the Ativan and needed it more and more. And that’s typical for how the problems start with it. Below is a list of ativan side effects that I experienced:

  1. lethargy
  2. sleepiness
  3. dizzy, confused/cognitive impaired (couldn’t work when I took that stuff)
  4. very clumbsy and uneasy on my feet
  5. insomnia
  6. amnesia/sleep driving
  7. hostility and aggression
  8. vomiting/choking
  9. severe anxiety
  10. scary feeling/afraid to be alone
  11. rapid weight loss
  12. abnormal tactile sensations (feelings of bugs crawling under the skin, etc.)
  13. hair loss
  14. electric shocks
  15. real scary nightmares
  16. muscle tremors
  17. nervousness
  18. liver problems
  19. falling/Fell out of bed
  20. heavy legs/hard to walk
  21. very dry skin
  22. seizures

So in my book this drug is extremely dangerous. Finding out I was sleep driving horrified me! Below you will see links to information that shows just how dangerous the amnesia can be and it can be even more dangerous if you take Ativan and drink…it’s a lethal combo!

Ativan and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC):

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