Treating Mold Exposure Naturally

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Black Mold Exposure Natural Treatment Options: Natural Relief for Black Mold Poisoning and Treating Mold Exposure Naturally

Black Mold Poisoning can cause anxiety, depression and many other dreaded conditions and symptoms. To see how bad it can be please our section on Black Mold Information. The good news is that there’s Black Mold Natural Treatment Options to treat black mold poisoning like probiotics and activated charcoal plus treatment for Adrenal Fatigue. Other natural supplements include: garlic, ginger, cayenne, goldenseal, Glutathione, Vitamin D, Omega-3, krill oil, Artichoke leaf extract, CholestePure, Spirulina and Chlorella. Basically you want to treat Adrenal Fatigue and your hormones and end the mold exposure. I’m also including my story of how I got better in terms of my Adrenal Fatigue as this condition is the end result of mold exposure and other toxins and stress too and it effects one’s hormones. It took me years to figure out as all traditional doctors did was give me Ativan for my panic attacks and anxiety and Ativan can be a very dangerous drug (Ativan made me far worse). I finally took my own naturopathic route to remedy all… I am a woman so below I do include a lot of info that pertains to women like female hormones but men have hormones too and obviously an adrenal gland so below can help men too:

My Adrenal Fatigue Treatment and Other Hormonal Solutions That Helped Me Get Back On My Feet

It took me quite a few years to find out what was wrong with me. Western doctors didn’t seem to have a clue about Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Fatigue Treatment or black mold. I was told for years that there’s no such thing as Adrenal Fatigue and mold is natural and therefore not a bad thing at all and can’t do any harm. Finally a few months ago a western doctor admitted Adrenal Fatigue is a real illness but said steroids is the only treatment and would not even acknowledge the power of natural Adrenal Fatigue Remedies and natural Anxiety Treatment. So I have created this site to help people so that they don’t have to go through the pain I suffered and find out sooner about black mold, adrenal fatigue and perhaps the real cause of their anxiety and panic attacks.

I was exposed to toxic black mold and mouse feces back in 2010 when major renovations were done at a house I used to own. Prior to that I had symptoms of mold poisoning but did not know what was wrong with me. And from that point I went from doctor to doctor for years before finding out the real cause of my illness. Western doctors heard the word “anxiety” and put me on benzos like Ativan despite my complaints of nasty side effects. To make matters worse…I suffered from very bad anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD from multiple vicious dog attacks including one where my beloved cat was killed plus other traumatic events. And that made doctors push the nasty Ativan on me even more. In 2014 I was seeing a counselor for my issues and she thought perhaps I was dealing with adrenal gland issues. Testing for hormonal imbalances is the first step to get better as one needs to know what is really the cause of anxiety and other symptoms. I did ask western doctors to test for this but they were reluctant and continued to push the nasty Ativan and other dangerous prescription medications. So I finally ordered and took a cortisol test from Test Country. Below are some they offer on Amazon…

In The Spotlight: The Hormone Test That Helped Me The Most

The last hormone test (HealthConfirm Hormone Vitality Test Complete, Saliva Collection – 8 Hormones Tested) that I took and shed light that I had much more than cortisol issues and truly helped me get back on my feet:

For my first hormone imbalance test, I chose the Saliva Hormone Test Analysis- Adrenal Stress Panel (5 Tests) DHEA & 4 Diurnal Cortisols as it’s best to do multiple saliva tests for more accurate results and this also tested for DHEA. However, what I should have done is select a multiple hormone test like the ones above. If I did I would have known about my other hormone imbalances sooner. My test results came back and I had severe adrenal fatigue…hardly any cortisol so very bad. I also didn’t have much DHEA. Western doctors still did not offer help with these results so as I really didn’t feel well I went to a naturopathic doctor and finally got the help I needed. She thought I had multiple hormone deficiencies but said I should start with trying to remedy the cortisol issues and adrenal fatigue. She put me on new meds including magnesium and the cow (bovine) adrenal supplement below:

Finally started to feel much better and continued on the right track for about 1 ½ years. Late Spring 2015 one of my beloved emotional support dogs sadly passed away at age 13 yrs. I managed to get through that with the help of my other emotional support dog and being on the right meds finally. However in the fall more vicious dog attacks and trauma and I started to go back down the anxiety/PTSD route. It got to the point I couldn’t tell what the problems were…my med doses or PTSD from the attacks or both. At that point I was off the bovine cortisol supplement and taking Gaia supplement as listed at the Natural Remedy Store for Adrenal Support Supplements and below:

Natural Remedy Store for Adrenal Support Supplements

Fortunately I discovered CBD Oil and that really helped me. Below is more info about CBD Oil and where to get it:

Find out more about CBD Oil

I also did another saliva test from Test Country and chose one of the multiple hormone tests…Test Kit For 8 Hormone Level Imbalances (E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx4) above on this page. And I was shocked as I had several bad hormone deficiencies that I didn’t even know I had going on. My estrogen level needed help in a big way so I’m currently supplementing that with progesterone cream and a natural alternative to HRT to increase one’s estrogen and here they are below. I plan to try to add the other creams to my treatment as well as my estrogen is very low and same for DHEA:

I was having some improvement with the estrogen balance supplements but decided to try DIM Estrogen Balance Supplements instead and saw more improvement so this is an option to consider. The way DIM works is that it improves the way your body handles the effect of estrogen. DIM Estrogen Balance Supplements also helps with other hormone levels resulting in a better balanced hormone system. That is what I was told by a very knowledgeable doctor and this all seems to be quite true. Here’s some links to learn more:

Here’s some DIM Estrogen Balance Supplements to consider Including some on Amazon…just click to see all options on Amazon and read the reviews:

Below is the DIM that worked for me:

Natural Estrogen 60 Veg Tabs

Natural Estrogen 60 Veg Tabs

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I found out I had not low cortisol but now high cortisol but the Gaia supplement is for both. So I decreased it from 4 pills per day to only 2 per day. I also increased my DHEA supplement dosage from 25mg to 50mg per day. Another thing Adrenal Fatigue causes that I didn’t know about for years is Electrolyte Imbalance. It was mentioned a lot in my medical records when I was in the ER but no doctor communicated the dangers of this condition until an ER visit last year. I now take electrolyte drinks when I have a symptom and eat food that can help this condition naturally. And overall I’m feeling much better now… And below are more Test Country hormone tests t choose from based on your needs:

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